Press release

Change authorized distributor in the United States from 11 Trading Company, LLC to Playback Distribution LLC


TEAC Corporation (TOKYO:6803)(head office: Tama, Tokyo, President & CEO: Yuji Hanabusa) is pleased to announce that the changeover procedure of our distribution in the United States has been finalized, from 11 Trading Company, LLC to Playback Distribution LLC (Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.). This distribution change is effective from January 28, 2024.

TEAC is excited about the new initiative, and is expecting strengthened brand recognition in the United States by welcoming Playback Distribution as the new distribution partner upon global marketing strategy.

About Playback Distribution LLC
Established by industry veteran Rob Standley in 2023, Playback Distribution is an Indianapolis based firm specialized in high-end audio and custom installation markets, and empowers entertainment enthusiasts through state-of-the-art audio equipment. Playback Distribution’s product portfolio includes some of the most cutting-edge brands in the high-end audio market, such as ESOTERIC, Advance Paris, PMC, Quadraspire, Vienna Acoustic, and Esprit.

11 Trading Company, LLC