Environment / CSR

TEAC Corporation's Policy and Initiatives regarding Environment / CSR.

Environmental Principles

We hereby declare that we will:
Respect human safety, health and nature's activities, and contribute to realize a human society enabling sustainable development, and a sound environment through our activities of data storage technology pursuit based on our company culture of respecting ingenuity and inventiveness.

Environmental Activities

In all of our business activities we carry out product design, development, manufacturing and servicing, with focus on the environmental aspects listed below:

  • Product design considering the environment
    When designing and developing, work on product design considers environmental aspects such as reduced power consumption, saving resources, simplified recycling, extended life and proper package design etc.
  • Management of chemical substances contained in products
    We ensure our products do not contain any restricted substances defined by the content of chemical substances management restriction enforced in every country in the world including the EU RoHS Directive and REACH Directive, together with our customers’ specific requirements. Each company in the TEAC Group uses a product content chemical management system and offers reliable content chemical substances information according to our customers’ requests.
  • Reducing the amount of CO2 emission produced during business activities
    We measure and analyze the amount of CO2 emission produced during business activities throughout the TEAC Group, and work on the reduction of emission amounts in response to the prevention of Global warming.
  • Reducing the amount of waste produced during business activities
    We continue to work on the reduction of waste due to manufacturing activities in TEAC manufacturing facilities.
  • Compliance with related laws
    To promote these activities, we continue to observe related laws, restriction requirements and agreements with customers.