Corporate Philosophy and Message from Our President

TEAC Corporation Mission.

Corporate philosophy

Mission Statement

We strive to enhance the daily lives of our customers
using the highest standards in recording and playback technology
to capture the moment today and build a better tomorrow.


Recording Tomorrow

Mission 3

To individualsWe provide emotions

We do our utmost to bring happiness to individuals. Offering recording and playback of the highest precision to everyone who encounters our products, we deliver the impact of rich sound, the joy of fine music, and powerfully emotional experiences.

To societiesWe deliver creativity

We interact with societies to contribute to the broadening and deepening of cultural wealth. Offering the latest in recording and playback technologies, we accurately capture the full spectrum of artistic phenomena, converting it into valuable information. We strive to enhance well-being, and we share our successes with the world.

To the futureWe capture joy

As a member of the international community, we contribute to the achievement of SDGs and seek to comprehend the future and all its possibilities. Through changing times, we constantly value human happiness. By making the best use of recording and playback technology, we can faithfully pass on the precious art and culture of our age, and contribute to the revolutionary technology of various fields in order to build the foundations of the next age.