The TASCAM DR-10 Series are compact, powerful and inventive audio recording tools designed for vidoegraphers and journalists who need to travel light but cannot sacrifice quality or convenience.

Connects directly to mics.
A single reliable unit that can be connected to anything. Essentially a small footprint digital audio recorder combined with an XLR connector and high quality mic preamp, theDR-10X can be directly connected to virtually any type of dynamic or battery powered condenser microphone

  • With a handheld microphone
    Ideal for ENG work, the TASCAM DR-10X instantly transforms your existing mic collection into a powerful set of portable digital audio recorders.
  • With a shotgun microphone
    The unique design of the DR-10X allows for direct connection to a standard shotgun mic boom, completely eliminating the need for cumbersome mic cables.
  • Or with line input
    As the DR-10X will also accept a line level input, this tiny powerhouse can be connected directly to the output of a mixing console, wireless microphone receiver, guitar and bass modeling processor and more.

Ingenious in its simplicity,
the DR-10L combines a compact digital audio recorder with a high performance lavalier microphone. An unlike wireless microphones, there is no need to worry about signal interference or interruptions. *DR-10L: two type of body/mic color (DR-10L/black, DR-10L/white)

  • Ideal for recording weddings
    At weddings, there is only one chance to perfectly capture the words of the bride and groom.. Available in both matte finish black and cream white the DR-10 series is designed to be an invaluable – if invisible – prt of your audio arsenal.
  • The perfect solution for interviews and lectures
    Easy to hide and with no worrisome cables or wireless transmission, the DR-10 series is ideally suited for on camera work as well as creating audio documents of lectures, meetings and more

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To address the audio shortcomings of many DSLR cameras,
the TASCAM DR-10SG combines a small, lightweight digital audio recorder with an integrated shotgun microphone and shock mount attachment. This configuration allows the DR-10SG to be mounted directly to the shoe mount of the DSLR camera for unencumbered mobility while also delivering high quality – very direction – audio.

  • Ideal for recording on the move
    The highly directional shotgun mic enables you to quickly and easily record high quality audio while on the go. With the DR-10SG mounted above the lens, your audience will hear whatever you point your camera at without the handling noise and lens motor sound that plaques on-camera audio

Three functions concealed in a compact body The DR-10 Series recorders include functions that effectively support sound capture.

  • Dual recordingA backup recording can be automatically recorded at a lower level to avoid accidental overloads and distortion

  • Auto levelThe DR-10 series includes automatic gain settings to ensure that you never miss a critical moment of audio in the field

  • LimiterLife can get loud. To avoid accidental clipping, the DR-10 series features a built in limiter to tame unruly volume spikes

Operates for up to 10 hours continuously
on a single alkaline AAA battery
When using the device with a headphone connected, the battery life will be reduced

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