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November,2008 Discontinued
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A palm sized, micro plug-in type signal conditioner for strain gauge type transducers. It simplifies the connecting to automatic control devices and the remote display of transducer detection signals.
Main features
  • The TC-10 series is equipped with a bridge power supply, a zero adjustment circuit, a gain adjustment circuit, a proofreading circuit, and an amplification circuit, and changes a detected signal into the voltage and the current output suitable for measurement and control.
  • All the control systems for adjustments are well arranged on the top of the unit, allowing for easy control.
  • With its plug-in system, replacement or maintenance services can be performed simply without removing wiring.
Main specifications
Type of Input Signal Strain gauge type transduce
ExcitationVoltage DC5V,10V selectable by switch
Maximum current:120mA
Adjustable Zero Offset >±0.25mV/V
(By 15turn potentiometer)
Adjustable Sensitivity At 10V excitation Adjustable 0.5mV/V - 3.2mV/V to 0V -10V, 4mA - 20mA
At 5V excitation Adjustable 0.5mV/V - 3.2mV/V to 0V to 5V, 4mA - 20mA
Output Voltage 0 to ±10V (> 2 k ohms)
Current 4 to 20mA(< 500 ohms)
Non-Linearity 0.02%F.S.
Frequency Bandwidth DC to 10Hz (-3dB) StandardVersion
Calibration Signal 1mV/V(added to input signal)
Error < ± 0.3% F.S
Zero Drift < 0.05%F.S./ºC
Sensitivity Drift < 0.03%F.S./ºC
Noise < 1µVp-p(Converted to Input level)
(Voltage output from 0.1 to 10 Hz excluding spike noise)
Operation Temperature 0ºC to 50ºC
Operating Humidity <0% to 80%RH(no condensation)
Power AC 85 to 132V Approx. 3VA
DC 20 to 30V Approx. 100mA
AC type or DC type has to be determined at time of order
Dimension(W×H×D) Approx.50mm×83mm×44mm(excluding socket)
Weight Approx.300g
Specify option when you order
Changing Frequency Bandwidth 3Hz to 1kHz (Cut off -6dB/oct)
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