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>> Magnetic >> FD-235GF/FD-235HF/FD-235HG

One-inch high design
Low power consumption ( Operating:1.4W )
Operates on +5v power
A choice of models and interface type ( TTL or CMOS ) to match your system requirements

Standard Bearers in Style and Performance

The FD-235 series from TEAC provides outstanding performance in handsome, compact from.Each FDD stands just one inch in hight,weighs only 235g, and is so efficient that it requires a mere +5V DC power supply.
TEAC gives you a choice of 1MB,1.6MB,2MB versions,as well as one versatile model that can operate at any of the 3 memory capacities.The TEAC FD-235 Series from TEAC --- performance and style you count on.





Data transfer rate ( kbits/s ) 500/250 500/250 500/250
Data capacity
( MBytes,Unformatted )
1.6/1 2/1 2/1.6/1
Rotation speed ( rpm ) 360/300
Track/Disk 160
Track density ( tpi ) 135
Number of cylinders 80
Average access time ( msec. ) 94
Track to track time ( msec. ) 3
Settling time ( msec. ) 15
Recording method FM or MFM
Media 3-1/2 inch micro floppy disk
High density ( 2HD ) or Normal density ( 2DD )
Starting time 480msec. or less
MTBF More than 30,000 hours
Error rate Soft read error: less than 109bit
Hard read error: less than 1012bit
Seek error: less than 106bit
Safety standard Complies with UL,CSA,TUV
Power Requirements DC+5V ±10%
Power Consumption 15mW typ. ( Standby )
1.4W typ. ( Operating )
Dimensions 101.6W X 25.4H X 145D ( mm )
Weight 345g typ.

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