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USB Interface ( USB Specification Rev.1.1 )
3.5 inch 720KB/1.2MB/1.44MB FDD
Super slim & Lightweight
Avilable USB BUS supply current : 500mA or less
Compliant Operating System : Windows98, WindowsMe, Windows2000, WindowsXP, and Mac OS.
Data Capacity 720KB / 1.25MB / 1.44MB ( formatted )
USB Data Transfer Rate Full speed / 12Mbps
Data Transfer Rate 250kbits/sec.(720KB), 500kbits/sec.(1.2MB/1.44MB)
Track Density 135tpi
Number of Cylinders 80
Rotation Speed 300rpm , 360rpm
Interface USB (Universal Serial Bus) , USB Specification Ver 1.1
Recording Method MFM
Media High dencsity (2HD) or normal density (2DD) 3.5" micro floppy disks
Average Latecy Time 100msec. (1.44MB/1.25MB mode) , 83.3msec.(720KB mode)
Index 1/revolution , Detection interval
200msec.±1.5%(300rpm) , 166.7msec.±1.5%(360rpm)
MTTF 30,000POH or more (for typical usage)
Error Rate Soft read error : 10-9 bits or less
Hard read error : 10-12 bits or less
Seek error : 10-6 seeks or less
Safty Standards UL, CSA, TUV
Ambient Temperature
Operating : 4 - 51.7Co
Non-Operating : -22 - 60Co
Temperature Gradient
Operating : 20Co or less per hour (non-condensing)
Non-Operating : 30Co or less per hour (non-condensing)
Rerative Humidity
Operating : 20 - 80% (non-condensing)
Maximum wet-bulb temperature of 29.4Co
Non-Operating : 5 - 90% (non condensing)
Maximum wet-bulb temperature of 40Co
Operating : 
    1.5G or less ( 10 - 100Hz,1oct/min. sweep rate)
1.0G or less (100 - 200Hz,1oct/min. sweep rate)
0.5G or less (200 - 600Hz,1oct/min. sweep rate)
Transportation :
    2G or less (10 - 100Hz,1/4oct/min. sweep rate)
Operating : 
    Write & Read : 5G (Half-sine pulse,11msec.) or less
Read only : 10G (Half-sine pulse,11msec.) or less
Soft errors are allowed if they are recoverable within three retries.
Transportation :
    100G (half-sine pulse,11msec) or less
Power requirements DC 5V±5% (USB BUS power supply)
Suspended : 500A(max), Read/Write : 220mA(typ.)
Dimensions 103W x 16.6H x 140D (excluding the cable) mm
Cable length : 350mm (from the base of the FD-05PUB to the tip of the connector)
Weight 230g ( typical )

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