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TEAC CD-ROM Drive Firmware Updater download
[ 1999/07/24 Released]

About TEAC CD-ROM Drive Firmware Updater(CdRmUpdt.exe)
"CdRmUpdt.exe" is a utility that upgrades the firmware of TEAC standard CD-ROM drives.

Click here for detailed description (contents of readme.txt) of operations.

Operating environment
Target computer PC-AT and compatibles
OS Windows95 OSR2.X
Interface card SCSI card
(Either AHA-2940U or AHA-2940AU is recommended)
Required when the SCSI type CD-ROM drive is used.

Compatible Models (as of July 1999)
ATAPI Interface CD-532E , CD-532EA
CD-524E , CD-524EA
SCSI Interface CD-532S , CD-516S

Precautions for downloading
· Be sure to read "Licensing Agreement" before downloading the software. Start downloading if you consent to the terms of the Agreement.
You can download after consenting to the "Licensing Agreement".

· Click on " " below to read "End-user License Agreement for Firmware Upgrade Program".

· The downloaded file is a self-extracting archive.
After downloading, create a new folder and move the downloaded file into it before extracting it.
The following files are created:
"UPDATE009" folder
( contains"CdRmUpdt.exe", "PROGRESS.avi","Readme.txt","Readmej.txt"
Binary files for each model (*.bin) files

"T5324V304" folder
(contains setup files for expansion utility) (*)
If previously extracted binary files (.bin) or
executable files are present in the same folder
as just-extracted files,
updating program may not be executed correctly.

About Expansion Utility:
An expansion utility exclusively for use with
the TEAC CD-532E, CD-532EA, CD-532EB, CD-532S and
CD-524EA CD-ROM drives.
It supports the following functions:

1. Select drive speed
2. Select the time until spin-down
3. Enable open/close of tray under windows
For instruction of this utility,
refer to the help file generated after setup is executed.


Copyright (C) TEAC Corporation. All rights reserved.